A Generation in Peril: The Lives of Tibetan Children Under Chinese Rule

To Donor Governments, Non-Governmental Organizations and International Humanitarian Institutions:

Detention, Torture and Other Cruel, or Degrading Treatment or Punishment:

- Maintain pressure on the Chinese government to permit full and open access to detention centers by independent monitors to ensure that children are not beingdetained unlawfully or tortured.

-Encourage and provide support to China to amend its laws in Tibet to bring them into conformity with its obligations to Tibetan children under the Convention on the Rights of the Child and other relevant provisions of international law.

-Support the development of a juvenile justice system respectful of children's rights, such as a separate court system for children and training for judges, prosecutors and law enforcement authorities in the treatment of children.

-Provide humanitarian assistance, including medical treatment and psychological counseling, for Tibetan children who have been victims of torture.


-Focus educational aid on creating and staffing primary schools in remote areas of Tibet that presently suffer from a lack of adequate educational facilities. Support the building of schools and the elimination of school fees.

-Ensure that any educational aid provided to China for use in Tibet will promote the teaching of Tibetan language, history and culture.

Health and Nutrition:

-Humanitarian and developmental aid in the areas of health and nutrition should be geared to remedy the problems of malnutrition and infectious diseases that lead to chronic growth stunting among Tibetan children, as well as to promote public awareness of critical health issues.

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