A Generation in Peril: The Lives of Tibetan Children Under Chinese Rule
V. Journeys Into Exile

D. Health Problems Resulting From the Journey

According to staff at the Tibetan Children's Village (TCV) schools, the most common health problems exhibited by Tibetan children upon their arrival are frostbite, rashes and insect bites, which often become infected. Frostbite, if severe, can require the amputation of fingers or toes. Chronic gastrointestinal problems and malnutrition resulting from days of travel without adequate food is also common. Dr. Sadutshang said that recent arrivals frequently suffer from problems resulting from a lack of basic hygiene on the journey, which can cause rashes, lice and other skin problems.

Children who have suffered torture in Tibet face additional health problems. Kelsang Phuntsok works with Tibetan refugees who have been victims of torture. He noted that, while older victims of torture typically suffer from diseases reflecting prolonged imprisonment and hard labor, child victims - particularly monks and nuns - most often have chronic eye and bone injuries, as well as symptoms of severe psychological trauma, anxiety and depression.

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